Our clients

Physical distribution

Efficient at Work specialises in  recruiting labour immigrants from Eastern Europe, who get the opportunity to work in different kinds of industries: AGF, packaging, production, meat industry and greenhouse horticulture. We are also strongly represented in service sectors such as events, catering and traffic management. Depending on personal needs and expectations, we offer a long-term and year-round employees and returning seasonal employees.

Competitive rates

For many years of cooperation, we have been acquiring the knowledge of  AGF, packaging, industry, horeca, events and horticultural sector. The experience we gained makes it easier to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and employees. We do our best to deliver a high quality service to both our clients and workers.

  • AGF: processing and packing fruit and vegetables
  • Packaging: pre-packing and packing processes and physical logistic
  • Industry: working with the use of semi-finished products and tools, physical logistic
  • Horticultural sector: greenhouse and processing hall activities
  • Events: Stagehands, site crew building events, project management
  • Horeca:
  • Traffic guidance:

Long-term cooperation

The main target of Efficient at Work is to build up  long-term cooperation with our clients, based on common goals. Because of our being flexible, we also get involved in single, short-term projects. Being adjustable means being reliable and trustworthy! A deal is a deal! We try to communicate honestly and it makes us unique.  As Efficient at Work team, we love to keep it stable. We do not prefer any changes in our group and want to preserve the experience we have earned for years.

Working with Real Workers

Efficient at Work appreciates ‘real’ workers- people who are motivated and want to achieve something in life. We pay attention to every single person and try to select the best ones. Some employees have already been working for us for years! Age is not important as long as you have enough motivation and ambition! Our responsibility is to take care of our workers and provide them with transport, accommodation and good working conditions. Efficient at Work serves as a mediator between customers and employees. It means that we help them communicate with each other and solve their problems.

Efficient at work…

  • Recruits labour immigrants from Eastern Europe
  • Possesses experience in horticultural sector, AGF, packaging and industry
  • Selects Real Workers with a high level of motivation
  • Offers reliability and honesty
  • Aims at long-term cooperation
  • Is flexible and follows clients’ demands 
  • Coaches employees and looks after them