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The world of AGF (fruit and vegetables production), packaging, industry and horticultural sector.

Efficient at Work specialises in recruiting labour immigrants from Eastern Europe, who get the opportunity to work in different kinds of industries: AGF, packaging, production or horticultural sector. Depending on personal needs and expectations, we offer a long- term employment or seasonal work for several months.

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Westland nature, national activity

Efficient at Work operates in the region commonly known as Westland (a part of South Holland). It is famous all over the world for its horticultural roots and nature. We find it crucial to get to know this home market and adjust to our clients’ demands and expectations.

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Feel at home, live comfortably!

Accommodation, work and respect have a great impact on employee well-being and motivation. Efficient at Work helps in adjusting to the new situation, improves living conditions and gives a helping hand whenever needed

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Are you looking for a nice and well-paid job? We are here to help you! Together with our clients, we take into consideration your abilities and expectations and try to reach our common goals

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