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Find out detailed information about working in the Netherlands through Efficient at Work, including information about accommodation, transport, required documents and other important information. 

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Transparent and clear


Information on employment

1. Work

Types of work offered:

At Efficient at Work, we offer work in the following sectors: 

Flower sector: 

  • Type of work: Packing, sorting, planting, labelling, production and care of cut and potted flowers. 
  • Place of work: Greenhouses, production halls and/or flower warehouses. 

Fruit and vegetable sector (AGF):

  • Type of work: Sorting, packaging, labelling and palletising. 
  • Place of work: Production halls, warehouses, cold stores. 

Meat Sector: 

  • Type of work: Production and packaging
  • Place of work: High hygiene production halls, warehouses, cold stores. 

Technical sector: 

  • Type of work: Production of components, bolting of components, packaging palletising. 
  • Place of work: Production hall

Greenhouse sector: 

  • Picking vegetables
  • Flower and plant care
  • Picking/harvesting flowers
  • Planting the plants

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Examples of workplaces

Additional values

Match the job to your qualifications

You have experience as:

  • forklift truck driver
  • team leader
  • electromechanic
  • welder
  • car varnisher
  • carpenter
  • or other?

Let us know, as we may be able to offer you a suitable job position for your qualifications. 


Do you have additional certificates, permits or skills?

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2. Salary


  • At Efficient at Work, wages are paid weekly. You will therefore receive your first payment up to 7 working days after the week you have worked.  

Disbursement episodes: 

  • You can easily download your payslips from the Plan4Flex app, which you install in our office on the day of your contract. 

Hourly rates (over 20 years of age):

  • 13.68 € gross (bolting of components for solar panels)
  • 13.68 € gross (greenhouse sector)
  • 14.54 € gross (shashlik production)
  • 13.68 € gross (AGF sector)
  • 13.68 € gross (sausage production, sausage packaging)
  • € 13.99 gross (forklift driver)
  • From €14 gross (industrial bagging work)

Basic expenditure

3. Life costs


  • Efficient at Work has comfortable houses and flats for employees. The cost of accommodation is €120.75 per week. You can read more about the housing in section 6.
  • The accommodation fee is charged from the first day of your stay. 

Mendatory health insurance: 

  • The weekly cost for health insurance is €38.57

Transport from/to work: 

  • As part of its investment in the comfort of its employees, Efficient at Work pays for the costs of getting to/from work. At our agency, transport is therefore completely free! 

Certificates and diplomas

4. Experience

Within our job vacancies, most positions do not require any experience. Each employee attends an in-house training course before being posted to the workplace. During this training, he or she gains full knowledge of his or her responsibilities and the employer's requirements. 

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5. Knowledge of foreign languages

Depending on the characteristics of the offer in question, we may require the candidate to speak a foreign language, i.e. Dutch or English at a basic level. Information regarding this requirement will be made available during the first interview. For the majority of our job offers we do not require knowledge of a foreign language.

Comfortable and safe

6. Accommodation conditions:

Types of accommodation: 

  • The accommodation we offer consists of detached houses, terraced houses and flats located in an area up to 20km from the municipality of Westland, mainly between The Hague and Vlaardingen. We offer single, double and triple rooms. Couples are always accommodated together, without the presence of other people in the same room. Each resident has access to common areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet (possibly a garage, garden, tool locker, etc.).

Flat furnishings: 

  • The living areas are comprehensively equipped with household appliances such as fridge, freezer, washing machine, clothes dryer and more. Kitchens are stocked with a full set of kitchen utensils, including pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, cups, etc. For houses with a garden, for example, garden furniture is available, i.e. table, chairs, etc. 


Requirements, safety and certification:

  • Our flats are constantly checked and monitored by the institution SNF and have safety and standards certificates issued by this body.


  • We provide permanent and free internet access in each of our flats or houses as part of our accommodation standards in line with current regulations.

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Our homes and flats

Better together

7. Arrival in the group


  • Efficient at Work is not always able to guarantee that people leaving in pairs or groups work together. They may be separately assigned to different workplaces. Details are discussed before departure.


  • Pairs: As in point 4, couples are always placed together in one room without other people present.


  • Groups of friends or family: At Efficient at Work we make every effort to provide one-to-one accommodation for a group of friends. However, this depends on the availability of accommodation and the location of the individuals' work, so it is not a guaranteed option. 
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Caring for your comfort

8. Transport

Transport to the Netherlands: 

  • Efficient at Work does not organise journeys to the Netherlands. We also do not provide financial support for private journeys and do not have credit journeys on offer. 

Transport to/from work in the Netherlands: 

  • Bike (distances up to 10 km):  All employees who use a bicycle provided by their employer are required to pay a refundable deposit of €150. This deposit is taken from their paycheck and can be spread in instalments. It is advisable to check the condition of the bicycle and sign the appropriate form before renting it. When the bicycle is returned to the office, the technical condition of the bicycle is checked and the deposit is returned on the first next payment or in the form of a final settlement.
  • Company car: We have dozens of new and very comfortable "B" segment cars in our company fleet . Company cars are allocated to willing individuals who drive more than 10km to work. Company car drivers receive a gift of 100km per week for private trips and free fuel. In addition, company car drivers who drive our other employees to work receive a salary supplement.


  • Company bus: Company bus (distances over 10km)- Transfers are made from pick-up points or from home address. The cost of transport to/from work is covered in full by Efficient at Work so that our employees do not have to worry about additional costs. 

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Our vans and cars


9. Documents

Anyone applying for a job in the Netherlands must ensure that they have taken the following documents with them.

Documentary proof of identity (required)

  • Identity card (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)

Dutch BSN number (if you have one)

  • BSN (formerly SOFI): Candidates with an assigned BSN number are requested to bring such a document. This will speed up the recruitment process considerably. If you do not have a BSN, you can apply for one when you arrive in the Netherlands. Our office staff will be happy to assist you in this process. Waiting for a BSN number takes approximately 3 weeks and the issuing authority is the Westland Municipality. You can start working as soon as you have applied for your BSN number yourself. 

Bank account:

  • Number of a valid personal bank account (preferably a foreign currency account) In addition, account holder details, bank details, account number. (Note - Efficient at Work does not assist in opening a bank account.
  • If you do not have an identity document or your document has expiry date of less than six months, or if the document is damaged, we will not be able to cooperate. Before you travel to the Netherlands, make sure that you have all the above documents and a bank account. 
  • If you do not have a personal bank account on the day you start work, we will not be able to pay your salary. Your salary will only be transferred on the day you provide your personal bank account number. 


10. What to take to the Netherlands.

  • Safety shoes (required) If you do not have safety shoes with a metal toecap, you will need to acquire them yourself and present them on your first visit to our office in the Netherlands.   It is also possible to purchase safety shoes from the Efficient at Work office (payment by card on site), but we cannot guarantee that we will have your number of shoes in stock, so we suggest that you purchase your safety shoes before you arrive at the office. 
  • Bedding set:  Duvet, pillow, pillowcase and sheet. Efficient at Work does not offer the possibility to rent or purchase bedding. 
  • Smartphone: On a smartphone, each employee is required to install our P4F app, where they will be able to view and sign documents, check their work schedule and download payslips. The entire administrative process is made as easy as possible for the comfort of the employees.

Please note that both safety shoes and a smartphone are required in order to work with our office. If, upon arrival in the Netherlands, you find that you do not have shoes or a phone, you will not be able to take up employment or rent accommodation. 

Our office address.

11. Where to go?

Ready to go?

That's great. So set our address in your navigation, make sure you have all your essentials and documents and get on your way.

Office address:
Leehove 62 , 2678 MC, De Lier 

Office opening hours for people coming from Poland or other countries:  0f 08:00 to 15:00 

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