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The address of our office is: Leehove 62, 2678 MC De Lier

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Our company specialises in supplying skilled workers to various industries such as logistics, manufacturing, food processing and many others. Our aim is to connect employees with the best job opportunities available on the market, providing employment stability and support at every stage of their career.

To find current vacancies, simply visit our website and browse the available adverts. You can also contact us directly and our employment advisors will be happy to help you find the right job.

  • Free Transport: we always offer free transport to work, so our employees do not have to worry about additional expenses.
  • Company cars with bonus: Our company values the commitment of its employees. That is why we offer bonuses to company car drivers' paychecks, 100 km for private trips and free fuel.
  • Stability of Offers: We have stable job offers, which means that our employees do not have to worry about sudden changes in employment.
  • Popularity Among Students: We are very well known among students who visit us every year. Our job offer is attractive to young people who want to earn money during their studies or summer break.
  • Experience and Professionalism: Our company has many years of experience in the field of employment agencies. We act professionally and with passion, caring about the success of both our clients and our employees.  

We are proud of our achievements and strive to continuously improve our services to meet the expectations of our customers and employees.

Unfortunately, we do not offer transport from Poland to the Netherlands. We can, however, recommend external transport companies to you, but the travel costs are paid by each candidate privately. 

All of our clients are located in or on the outskirts of the Westland borough. We also have a few vacancies outside of this area but this is no further than 30km from our office. 

We focus on diversity. We provide our employees with a comfortable shuttle bus service from Efficient at Work. For those who work close to home, we offer bicycles. In addition, we have company cars for employees, which can also be used privately, but no more than 100km per week. The cost of fuel for private trips is covered by us. 


Yes, we have comfortable flats in terraced or detached houses for our employees. Each has a SNF safety certificate. There are 1, 2 and 3-bed rooms available. They are allocated by a member of our office planning staff. Couples are always accommodated in one room. For shared use there is
bathroom, toilet, kitchen and living room. Our flats are equipped with all appliances.
(oven or microwave, cooker, refrigerators, washing machine and clothes dryers, crockery, cutlery

Focusing mainly on the comfort of our employees, we do not offer staff hotels or chalets but only the aforementioned terraced or detached houses.  

The cost of accommodation is: €111.58 /h/person/week deducted from wages.

Of course. Couples always live together in a room, while we try to accommodate groups of friends in one house (if we have vacancies) or at least in one area of our community. The possibilities depend on the availability of spare rooms for the time in question. 

  • Identity card or passport (undamaged) and valid for at least 6 months.
  • Document with your SOFI/BSN number (if it is your first time in the Netherlands we will help you get this number at the municipal office)
  • Currency or Dutch account
  • Certificates (if you have them and they are needed for the job, e.g. for a forklift)

Each of our employees is subject to compulsory health insurance in the amount of e 36.50/week - the amount is taken from their paycheck.
Those with private accommodation are required to take out their own insurance.

The first payment is in the second week of work (Thursday) and thereafter every Thursday. 

Casual, non-restrictive attire (jeans, sweatshirt, T-shirt), be sure to bring safety shoes with hard soles. Shoes can be purchased from our office (Cost 25 euros payable in cash).

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