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Find a job that fits your needs. We offer a variety of opportunities, including permanent, temporary, student positions and more. Find the perfect position and grow in your chosen career direction.

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We provide comfortable flats and houses, certified by the state SNF to a high standard of accommodation for temporary workers. We do not offer chalets or mobile homes.

Free transport

We always offer free transport with Efficient at Work buses. We also provide company cars and with them 100 km per week for private trips and free fuel. For those who love a healthy lifestyle, we also offer bicycles.

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In our company with 16 years of experience, we know full well that every candidate is looking not only for a job, but also for support, development opportunities and comfortable accommodation. It is these needs of candidates that we put first. We offer comprehensive care, professional advice and inspiration, helping you to achieve career success in the Netherlands. 

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Don't Be Afraid of Change, Embrace It. A New Beginning Can Lead to Something Amazing.

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Building Trust and Success Together.

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Personalized Approach

We tailor solutions to help each employee succeed.

Support and Growth

With Efficient at Work, you are not alone - we support you in every aspect-from the start of your career to the achievement of your career goals.

Our team - Passion and commitment

Our dedicated team ensures more staff and happier employees.

Benefits of Joining Us

What You Get from Our Employment Agency

Thanks to our unique approach to employees and clients, we earned some of the best reviews in the area. It is our uniqueness that makes us stand out significantly from other employment agencies!

Comfortable Comfortable accommodation
Free Free transport by bus
Company Company Car
Permanent Permanent work
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Choose your favourite work sector

Discover various career opportunities and succeed with us

AGF industry

Agriculture, Gardening, and Food Sector involves producing, processing, and distributing food products.

Meat industry

A variety of processes are carried out in meat factories for product preparation and packaging.

Floral sector

Work in the floral sector includes cutting, processing, packaging or labelling flowers and bouquets.

Logistics / Production

Employees are responsible for the production, packaging, palletising and labelling of various products.

Accommodation in the Netherlands

Comfortable houses and flats.

We provide top-quality accommodation to meet your expectations. Our houeses are certified by SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen), to ensure your comfort and safety.

At Efficient at Work, we do not offer chalets or mobile homes. 

Company transparency

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Convenient and free work transportation.

At Efficient at Work, we provide comfortable and safe transportation with free vans.

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, we offer bicycles, especially useful for those living close to work.

If you prefer the freedom to travel, our company cars offer mobility with 100 km for personal trips, including free fuel.


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Useful information for employees and employers. 


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Efficient at Work employee bonus

Recommend our job agency to a friend and receive a €50 bonus! Are you satisfied with your collaboration with Efficient at Work? Refer our employment agency to a friend and receive a €50 bonus! When your friend has worked 160 hours with Efficient at Work, the bonus will be credited to your account. But beware!To receive the bonus, it is necessary to send an email to cv@efficientatwork.nl with information about the person who

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Earnings in the Netherlands

Hourly wages in the Netherlands 2024

Hourly rates in the Netherlands for Agency Workers: How Does It Work? In the Netherlands, hourly rates for 'uitzendbureau' employment agency workers are strictly regulated by law, and the age of the employee plays an important role in determining these rates. This is an important issue to understand if you are planning to work in the Netherlands or are already working there. Hourly Rates by Age: Here are the basic hourly rates,

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Transport to work in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands and transport to work. Principles at Efficient at Work

At Efficient, we understand the importance of efficiently organised transport to and from the workplace. That's why we adapt to your needs by providing different transport options. If you live close by, up to 10 km from your workplace, you can use our company bikes (with a €150 deposit). This is not only environmentally friendly, but also a healthy option! If commuting by bike is not an option, employees who live

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