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The Flower Industry

Glass greenhouse vegetable planting

Greenhouse Work for Flowers

In the advanced floral greenhouses of Westland, our employees engage in the careful picking and sorting of cut flowers, along with the care and maintenance of potted flowers. We create beautiful floral arrangements that add color and charm to various spaces.

Flower Sorting

Sorting flowers on conveyor belts is a vital step in our production. Our employees meticulously select and prepare the flowers for further processing, removing unwanted elements like leaves or withered flowers. They arrange the flowers into bouquets or bunches, ensuring each one is beautiful and ready for customer delivery. It's a job that demands precision and attention, but it's also incredibly satisfying as you create beautiful floral arrangements that find their way into our customers' homes and hearts.

Female Worker Sorting Flowers
Garden Shop Worker Carrying Pots of Flowers

Packaging and labelling.

At Efficient at Work, we also operate in many stages of production, including packaging and labelling of flowers. Working in the floral sector requires precision and attention to detail, especially in an automated line work process. 

Logistics - Order Picking

Similar to the logistics department, our employees play a crucial role in creating and delivering orders tailored to our customers' individual preferences. They efficiently organize the picking process, ensuring every order reaches the customer in perfect condition. This positively influences our reputation as a dependable partner in the flower and logistics industry.

Cute woman sorting paper boxes with flowers.

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