Our clients

Efficient at Work was founded by Jan Krouwer and Andre van Leent in 2007. The company specialises in recruiting labour immigrants from Eastern Europe, who get the opportunity to work in different kinds of industries: AGF, packaging, production or horticultural sector. Years of experience made it possible for Efficient at Work to develop and become a recognisable market partner.

Westland nature

Efficient at Work operates in the region commonly known as Westland (a part of South Holland). It is famous all over the world for its horticultural roots and nature. We find it crucial to get to know this home market and adjust to our clients’ demands and expectations.  However, we do not restrict our activities to horticultural sector. We are also active in AGF sector, packaging and production. Thanks to this variety we find it easier to look for a proper job for everybody, taking into consideration their needs and ambitions.

It is a real challenge to match the terms of employment with  our workers’ abilities and qualifications. We can succeed because of our client-oriented and proactive attitude.” 

Mike-van-Leent  André van Leent (DGA)

Recruitment offices

Thanks to our recruitment offices in Poland and Romania, we can take actions independently. That is why we pay a lot of attention to people we want to employ. According to our rules and regulations, we let Real Workers join our team. In return, they can expect respect and help whenever needed during their stay in the Netherlands.

Efficient at Work...

  • Is active in horticultural sector, AGF, packaging and industry
  • Employs only motivated and ambitious employees from Eastern Europe
  • Is trustworthy  -  ‘a deal is a deal’
  • Has recruitment offices in Poland and Romania
  • Supports workers and solves their problems