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Working in the Netherlands and transport to work. Principles at Efficient at Work

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At Efficient, we understand the importance of efficiently organised transport to and from the workplace. That's why we adapt to your needs by providing a variety of transport options.

  1. Cycling to Work:

If you live close by, up to 10 km from your workplace, you can use our company bikes (with a €150 deposit). It's not only eco-friendly, but also a healthy option!

  1. Car with Additional Benefits:

If commuting by bicycle is not an option, employees who live further than 10 km can use company cars. And that's not all! You also get an extra 100 km for private trips and fuel FREE!
However, remember that appropriate behaviour behind the wheel is extremely important. Avoid fines and be careful on the road.

  1. Check documents and get on your way...

If you plan to drive in the Netherlands, make sure your licence is valid for at least 10 years from the date of issue. Present your licence to us and we will check that you are ready to drive.

Transport costs:

Transport to work by bus is always free. This is what sets us apart from other employment agencies. Our aim is to ensure your comfort and safety.

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