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Hourly wages in the Netherlands 2024

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Hourly rates in the Netherlands for Agency Workers: How Does It Work?

In the Netherlands, hourly rates for employees of 'uitzendbureau' employment agencies are strictly regulated by law, and the age of the employee plays an important role in determining these rates. This is an important issue to understand if you are planning to work in the Netherlands or are already working there.

Hourly rates according to age:

Here are the basic hourly rates that apply in the Netherlands, depending on the age of the worker:

Over 20 years of age:

€13.27 gross - for workers involved in bolting together components for solar panels and technical work.
€13.27 gross - metalworking and engineering and greenhouse sectors .
€14.11 gross - in shashlik production.
€13.27 gross - in the AGF (fruit and vegetable sorting) sector.
€13.27 gross - in production and packaging of cold cuts.
€ 13.99 gross - for forklift truck drivers (Heftruck).

Under 20 Years of Age:

For employees who have not yet reached the age of 20, lower hourly rates apply. These rates are set in proportion to age.

It is worth remembering that hourly wages in the Netherlands are subject to change and can be negotiated in collective agreements. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the up-to-date information with your employment agency 'uitzendbureau' or consult your employer's representative for exact salary details.


Hourly wage regulations in the Netherlands are precisely defined and depend on the age of the employee and the type of work performed. Employees of 'uitzendbureau' employment agencies can expect attractive hourly rates that reflect their skills and experience. Therefore, it is always advisable to thoroughly familiarise yourself with the employment conditions and regulations in the Netherlands in order to fully understand your rights and the benefits of working in the country.

Please note that this information is current as of today i.e. 05.02.2024, but is subject to change in the future. Therefore, it is always advisable to stay up to date and monitor any updates regarding hourly rates in the Netherlands.

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