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Starting Your Adventure in the Netherlands: Practical Tips and Information for Employees

Windmills at Kinderdijk in Holland. Netherlands

You are ready for a new chapter in your career in the Netherlands! We would like to welcome you and share some practical tips to help you start this exciting adventure more easily.

  1. Payout and Payments at Efficient at Work

Our company always makes sure that you get paid regularly. The money is transferred to your account on a weekly basis, so you have constant access to your funds.
At the same time, we would like you to be able to keep track of your remuneration in a simple and convenient way, which is why we are providing the app Plan4Flexso that you can keep track of your finances.
Your first payment will be made after one week of work. If you're just starting out and don't have a BSN yet, don't worry - you can confidently start working even from the first day you arrive and we'll help you through the process.

  1. Accommodation and Insurance Costs:

It is worth knowing that accommodation costs are €111.58 per week (at the date of the blog) and insurance is an additional €36.50 per week.

  1. Overtime :

If you are ambitious and willing to work overtime, there is a possibility to do so. The number of overtime hours depends on the employer's demand.

  1. Information for couples:

We would like to make your experience in the Netherlands even more special. That's why we try to make sure that couples work the same shifts. We aim for you to enjoy every day together.

  1. What to Take with You:

When preparing to leave, it is a good idea to take enough money or food with you to get through the time between salary payments.
Remember identity documents such as SoFi/BSN number, bank account number.
It's also worth thinking about comfortable work clothes that are suited to your specific job. This could be tracksuit bottoms, jeans or warm clothes, depending on what industry you will be working in.
Don't forget work footwear that is not only safe but also comfortable.
A smartphone with access to email and your own phone number is essential to keep you in touch.

  1. Arrival at the Office:

Our office is available from Monday to Friday during office opening hours. We encourage you to visit us.
We want your experience in the Netherlands to be successful and full of positive emotions. That is why we strive to take care of our employees at every stage of their career journey. We offer you support, the comfort of accommodation and the opportunity to grow. We know that every candidate is unique, which is why we focus on caring, counselling and inspiration on your path to career success. So you can relax and focus on your new challenge!

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